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Ability to select works that appear in MFTA by Violet-Rose-Petal Ability to select works that appear in MFTA by Violet-Rose-Petal
This is a suggestion that was mentioned in a site update several months ago, but was sadly overshadowed by other updates, even though it was a really good idea.

It would be nice if artists had the option to personally select which deviations they would like to have shown in the "More from this artist" section of their deviations.

There are many artists with older works of art that they want to have displayed their galleries, but don't want to have shown in MFTA simply because they want only their newer works to be featured. Sure, those artists could just move their older works to their scraps; but scraps are for, well, scraps, not older deviations that the artist is still proud of, but doesn't want to have featured in MFTA because they don't reflect the current characteristics of that artist's style. There are also artists who have galleries with a theme, but will occasionally upload other things as well; for example, an artist may primarily be a painter, but will occasionally make sculptures as well. However, they want the main focus of their gallery to be paintings, and not have sculptures show up in MFTA because they represent only a minor part of the artist's gallery.

What I was thinking (and this is just my idea of how this could work; if you have something better in mind, please share) is that the artist could simply go to the "Manage Deviations" page, and there would be an additional option to select which works they want to have featured in More From This Artist. They would simply check the deviations they want to have shown, click "Show in 'More From This Artist'", hit "OK", and be done! Simple as that.
And if you decide that you don't want a particular piece of art featured in MFTA, there would be an option for you to remove it as well.

Also: I'm not quite sure yet how this would work, but it might also be nice if there were a way to select the order in which these deviations appear. Newest-to-oldest may not always be the best order, because some people may occasionally upload totally unrelated things in close proximity to each other, which would look really weird when they show up in MFTA. For example, the painter who I gave as an earlier example may have a bunch of their nice paintings featured in MFTA with a random sculpture sandwiched right in between them. Instead, the artist would rather like to be able to just group all the sculptures together and have them all show up in MFTA at once, regardless of how many other deviations were uploaded in between the time of said sculptures.

I hope you will take my ideas into consideration. Thank you! :thanks:

EDIT: NO WAY. O_O I was simply browsing the Daily Deviations for today, only to find one of my own amongst them! I'm... shocked! xD And honoured at the same time. Thank you so much, everyone! I'm happy to hear that people like this idea. ^^
And a special big thanks to Magical525 for suggesting it, and to ginkgografix for featuring it! :heart:

I'm sorry if I don't reply to everyone, or if it takes me a while to get back to you, but I really do appreciate all the feedback. ^^ Thank you all so much once again!

Daily Deviation

Given 2013-10-24
Ability to select works that appear in MFTA by ~Violet-Rose-Petal
I love the idea given here - it's just what any artist needs - a way to choose which of their artworks they want people to see at any given time, a way to not show the older. Perhaps more childish works or the works of a different style or craft that you no longer use.

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August 12, 2013
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